Mission and Principles

Mission Statement

Murray Candle seeks to transport our customers to gourmet bakeries, lush gardens, distant lands, other worlds, and fond memories through the manufacture and distribution of fine soy-based home fragrancing products.

We will support corporate citizenship initiatives by engaging in activities that support worthy social causes including corporate sponsorship, charitable contributions, and voluntarism. 

Our customers' trust in us is an extremely high priority and we will act with integrity in all dealings with the public.

Guiding Principles

This is a living document and is meant to convey to our customers what values we hold as an organization that will guide us in the decisions we make regarding our product design and our general operations. We recognize that you have many options with which to satisfy your home fragrancing needs and feel that it is important to be able to support organizations with which you share your ethics and morals sense.

  • The user experience comes first, always.
  • Support low environmental impact processes by locally sourcing ingredients when possible, domestically source them as an alternative, and internationally source only as a last resort.
  • Provide value for value in all exchanges:
    • Highest possible quality products in exchange for commensurate payment, where quality is defined as a strong smell of an appropriate scent from an attractive design -- Provide accurate representation of the products and at a quality worthy of the price
    • Fair compensation in exchange for effective labor -- Provide employees with a wage truly representative of the value of the task performed, rather than relying on market wage. 
  • Never seek favoritism from a governing body; oppose the concept of lobbying used by companies to gain an unfair competitive advantage in the marketplace.
  • Others? What other factors are important to you?

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