I started Murray Candle in my kitchen at the prodding of my amazing wife that I find myself a hobby. On a vacation sometime prior, we had taken a class on candle making, so when she made this suggestion it was only natural that the fond memories of that experience came back to us. She and I were always big fans of a popular candle company and burned many candles each month.

Cypress and Berries
An example of the early days of my candle making journey.

As someone who was educated in chemical engineering, I went to work researching and pricing supplies and equipment with an eye towards one day turning this hobby into something more. Ultimately, I settled on avoiding the paraffin, bees, and palm waxes and focused on creating a soy candle because of the more attractive supply chain: we'd be supporting American soy farmers instead of potentially foreign oil interests or the clearing of rainforests for palm plantations.

Asian Amber Triplet
A unique scent in a less common container, this was a fun project.

Soy wax, I soon learned, is not easy to work with. Oh, sure, any messes made of spilled wax cleans up amazingly easily with warm water and soap, but creating a candle that was strong smelling, clean burning, and simply attractive was a challenge. As a result, my wife and I experimented extensively with a number of different fragrances, containers, soy wax varieties, and additives. We burned more candles than ever, in the process.

Jamaica Me Crazy 16 oz Murray Candle
The current iteration of design. A thing of beauty.

In the end, I'm happy to say, Murray Candle delivers what we believe to be a superior product to any mass produced competitor. Our products are 100% soy wax, which burns with less soot than paraffin when burned under the same conditions. The soy bean is grown and processed in a highly sustainable manner and supports the domestic economy. Our wicks are cotton and paper fiber with no heavy metal content and are generally self trimming (but still remember to trim your wicks!). I've even found a way to minimize the soy wax bloom that is so very common among soy candles and turns the candle a ghostly shade of its original vibrant color.

We hope you enjoy our candles. A lot of attention goes into each one in the hopes that it will provide you with a pleasing experience, whether that is to remind you of a distant memory or to return you to a more peaceful state of mind. 

Thank you, 

Rob Schwenck

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