Nillapalooza – 6 oz

‘Nillapalooza – 6 oz


About 'Nillapalooza The word "vanilla" is often used to describe something that's plain or unremarkable. That is not this fragrance. Though it is rooted in vanilla, 'Nillapalooza is an extraordinary and unusual version of the common vanilla. With its intense vanilla aroma and subtle touch of cream, 'Nillapalooza may soon be your favorite candle fragrance.


About 6 oz Soy Candles Our 6 oz candle is a just the right size to try a new fragrance. Don’t let the pint-size fool you; these can pack a wallop of delicious aroma in their little packages. It offers a nice, even burn with its single natural cotton and paper wick. Topped with a silver screw-top lid with the Murray Flame blazing on top and a little something extra underneath, Murray Candle soy candles are sure to delight the senses and the spirit.


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6-oz Salsa




Food, Holidays, Winter


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